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Multichannel Opportunities

Additionally, an objective of the City of Oulu is to recognise the multichannel opportunities of interesting content in developing customer processes and in advancing a customer-oriented approach in a similar manner to Espoo and Kuusamo.

Collaboration at Its Best

In Oulu, the DigiCult project is tightly connected to the Digitaalinen Oulu programme and the European Capital of Culture 2026 project. The DigiCult project also works closely with the city’s communications department and the experts at Oulun Digi.

Developmental Work Done in DigiCult Supports the Implementation of the Digitaalinen Oulu Programme’s Objectives.

More Impactful Services

The City of Oulu has devised the Digitaalinen Oulu implementation programme based on the city strategy. Its central objective is to improve the impact of the City of Oulu’s services by utilising digitalisation and data. Additionally, an objective is to advance the easiness, vitality and contentment of everyday life of the citizens.

Central Tasks

A central task of the Digitaalinen Oulu programme is improving the accessibility of services. This way it is possible to guarantee that all of the projects by the City of Oulu or those developed in collaboration take into account the Act on the Provision of Digital Services.

Taking into Consideration the Requirements of Content

The services developed in the DigiCult project take into consideration the requirements of digital services’ content in terms of observability, understandability, and user interface. Additionally, the digital platform developed during the project will be implemented in accordance with the accessibility requirements of navigational control and operational reliability.

Current State and Progress

All municipalities will evaluate the current state of their digital services at the beginning of the DigiCult project and again at the end of it. The progress will be reported to the City Council annually.

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