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Accessibility, Wellbeing and Attractiveness

With the new platform, it is possible to effortlessly search services that are accessible, high quality, and diverse. Also, it is easier for different age groups and special groups to find and benefit from the municipality’s services. All of these ease ordinary life, as well as improve wellbeing, performance, and the experience of participation. Highlighting the cultural experiences and natural sites also adds to the attractiveness of the area and invites more visitors.

One Platform – Enormous Opportunities

In addition to the municipalities, the opportunities provided by the digital platform are available to cultural and tourism actors among others. The expenses will diminish when contents have been collated into one place online, where they can be widely benefited from. The purpose of the platform is to operate compatibly with already existing platforms through open interfaces.

Together with the Citizens and Operators

During the DigiCult project, interesting content will be created together with citizens and the cities’ various operators in Oulu, Espoo and Kuusamo. At the same time, cases and situations that the new service platform will bring new impact to, will be actively thought of and searched for.

More Together

The developmental partners of the DigiCult project are the cities of Oulu, Espoo, and Kuusamo, and as monitoring members are the municipalities of Siikalatva, Taivalkoski, Paltamo, and Hailuoto. The project has received funding from the Ministry of Finance between the year 2021 and October 2022.

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